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The Battle Of The South Side

March 23, 2023

The brackets are set and now we will see which neighborhood or suburb wins the 2023 Battle of the South Side. Hear if your spot made the cut and who you're up against! Chef Max Musto returns with his vegan delights and a new…

South Side Social

March 16, 2023

Pollyanna Brewing Company has jumped into the distilling game and you can now experience local craft bourbons, gins and more at Pollyanna Social in Lemont. We give it a taste. Dan Casey and 10 other people want to make Morai…

Your Hometown

March 9, 2023

Frank Finnegan, Mayor of Hometown, has a bone to pick with South Side Pod. So, we got him a barstool at our basement bar to work it all out and learn a little about his town. Tinley Park has done away with requiring vehicle …

The Ghost & Mr. Bourbon

March 2, 2023

Wait? Did a ghost just attack one of our hosts?! Neal Gibbons of Graveside Paranormal and the Pair-A-Normal Guys Podcast brings his ghost hunting expertise to determine if there was a spiritual encounter or just too much bou…

Comedy, Hoops & A Singing Monkey

Feb. 23, 2023

ATTENTION: One lucky listener will get a special intro song when they click on this show! Everyone is getting a south side high school hoops breakdown from Tim O'Brien of the Beverly Review as the IHSA tournament starts. We …

Marching Toward The Parade

Feb. 16, 2023

With the South Side Irish Parade on the horizon, we are joined by co-coordinator of the parade Marianne Rowan Leslie as fundraising efforts have begun along with the ramp-up to the big day. Learn a little about one of the gr…